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Our worms.

King rag.

The king ragworm, or Alitta virens to give it its latin name, is a polychaete class from the family nereididae.

They can grow up to 80cm long and reproduce once a year in March/April. 

Our ragworm take around 5 months to grow from a fertilised egg to a 6 gram worm ready to harvest and sell.



Mudworm or harbour rag (Hediste diversicolor) are another polychaete worm that we farm ourselves. 

Smaller in size than the king rag, they rarely grow more than 4-5 cm but they have a reproduction period that spans many months of the year.



Blow lug (Arenicola marina) is another marine worm but from the family Arenicolidae. 

Whilst also a farmable species, they are slower growing than both the ragworm so we currently import this species from our supplier in the Netherlands.